Disclaimer: This is an interactive, draft mock-up that was created to inform the development of the California Fisheries Portal. This is not an active website and does not represent the final draft of the California Fisheries Portal. This mock-up was developed based on the first stakeholder focus group (2018) and serves as an interactive discussion draft for the stakeholder webinar on March 22, 2019.

The California Fisheries Portal provides searchable access to Enhanced Status Reports (ESRs) for state-managed fisheries. The Portal may be expanded to include other types of fisheries information and data in the future.






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Barracuda, California

Sphyraena argentea

Other common names: barracuda, scoot, scooter, barry, Pacific barracuda

Bass, Barred Sand

Paralabrax nebulifer

Other common names: sand bass, sandy, rock bass

Bass, Kelp

Paralabrax clathratus

Other common names: calico bass, bull bass, cabrilla

Clam, Geoduck

Panope generosa

Other common names: mud duck, king clam

Halibut, California

Paralichthys californicus

Other common names: flatty, barn door (large), Monterey halibut, chicken halibut, southern halibut

Herring, Pacific

Clupea pallasii

Lobster, California Spiny

Panulirus interruptus

Other common names: California lobster, red lobster

Shark, Brown Smoothhound

Mustelus henlei

Other common names: mud shark, dogfish, sand shark

Shark, Pacific Angel

Squatina californica

Other common names: angelshark, Pacific angelshark

Sheephead, California

Semicossyphus pulcher

Other common names: sheepie, goat, billygoats (large), red fish, humpy, fathead

Shrimp, California Bay

Crangon franciscorum

Other common names: bay shrimp, sand shrimp, common shrimp, grass shrimp, black shrimp, California shrimp, black tailed shrimp

Shrimp, Pink

Pandalus jordani

Other common names: ocean shrimp

Squid, Market

Doryteuthis opalescens

Other common names: squid, Pacific loligo squid, opalescent inshore squid

Surfperch, Barred

Amphistichus argenteus

Other common names: barred perch, silver perch, surf perch, sand perch, silver surf fish

Whitefish, Ocean

Caulolatilus princeps

Other common names: blanquillo, pez blanco

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