Disclaimer: This is an interactive, draft mock-up that was created to inform the development of the California Fisheries Portal. This is not an active website and does not represent the final draft of the California Fisheries Portal. This mock-up was developed based on the first stakeholder focus group (2018) and serves as an interactive discussion draft for the stakeholder webinar on March 22, 2019.


The California Fisheries Portal provides online access to Enhanced Status Reports (ESRs) for state-managed fisheries. The goal of ESRs is to provide an overview of the species, fishery, current management and monitoring efforts, and future management needs, and to provide transparency around data and information that is unavailable or unknown.

California’s primary fisheries law is the Marine Life Management Act (MLMA), which requires the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Department) to regularly report to the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) on the status of fisheries managed by the state. The 2018 Master Plan for Fisheries expanded on this general requirement by providing an outline for Enhanced Status Reports (ESRs) that is based on the MLMA’s required contents for Fishery Management Plans (FMPs).

ESRs can help to guide Department efforts and focus future partnerships and research efforts to address information gaps and needs to more directly inform management. It is also anticipated that ESRs will be foundations for future FMPs by providing background information and focusing analyses and stakeholder discussions on the most relevant issues.

In the future, the California Fisheries Portal may be expanded to include other types of fisheries information and data. Questions or comments about the Portal may be directed to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at AskMarine@wildlife.ca.gov or (831) 649-2870.


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